• The beginning of the development of domestic production of cable and its formation
    as the sector of electrical industry was set in motion by a group of young people
    who were enthusiastic about one of the most attractive areas of technology of
    that time - electrical engineering - and realized that its development is
    impossible without organization of production of insulated wires.

    The inspirer and organizer of this idea was 18-year-old boy, at that time still a student, and later a major engineer - M.M. Podobedov.

    The company, which was founded under the guidance of M.M. Podobedov, was the first domestic and mass production with the main purpose of producing cables for the various sectors of technology and manufacture.

    The enterprise was located in St. Petersburg (1878).

  • Then in order to approximate the plant closer to the selling market
    in October Y1895, the factory was transferred to Moscow and
    became Moscow branch of "Imperial approval of the Partnership
    for exploitation of electricity". Since that time the rapid growth of
    Russian production of cables and wires started which conquered
    strong position on the domestic market.

    The plant produced 40 000 puds of wires and cables annually and 15 000 puds of iron (steel) wire ropes, as well as a variety of electrical appliances. In the production, 100 workers were employed.

    As for the cable production the plant of M.M.Podobedov surpassed its main competitor - the company "Siemens and Halske" almost by 2 times, in number of employees (45 people) - in 2,5 times and had some benefits in the amount of equipment.

  • In April Y1913 as a result of the pleading of the shareholders to change the name of the company, the Emperor, according to regulations of the Council of Ministers "The Highest has deigned to command" to assign the name "Joint-Stock Company of Russian cable and rolling mills plants."

    In November Y1913, on an extraordinary general meeting of "Joint-Stock Company of Russian cable and rolling mills plants" Board of Directors dwelled on the issues of expansion of the Company and increasing its working capital.

    In addition, the Board of Directors reported to the general meeting about the steps that had been taken to provide the plant with copper of its own production. Copper mines near the village of Hod-Elya in Artvinskom district of Batumi area were acquired.

  • The Board of Directors of the company was reoriented to the production of military orders.
    The First World War dramatically changed company production.
    If one compare Y1915 and Y1914 the production of wires and cables for military purposes increased sharply.

    Large military orders had been received by the company also in Y1916, in particular, contract with electro-technical department of the Main Military-technical governance was concluded for the production and delivery of 60 000 verst of field telephone cables with the conductor with seven steel and one copper wire.

    The company had a possibility to manufacture wires, cables and cords with different insulation, leaded and armored cables for the strong and weak currents; bare copper and aluminum cables and wires, bronze, nickel-silver, nickel, lead etc., but during the war time the production of traditional products fell sharply.

  • October Revolution of Y1917 brought fundamental changes in the company's development.

    In Y1918 JSC "Russian cable and rolling mills plants" was nationalized, the company was renamed as "State Plant "Russkabel".

  • Absolutely new stage in the history of the plant occurred in Y1933, when the development was defined by national economic construction inherent in the socialist system.

    Technically very well equipped, staffed with qualified engineers and workers "Russkabel" after the devastation caused by the civil war, was rebuilt and reconstructed and was in the forefront of the electrical plants, performing important tasks in order to restore the national economy and to ensure the availability of cable products for industrial enterprises in the country.

    In the first five-year plans, the factory, which in Y1933 was named to "Moskabel" made an enormous contribution to the electrification and industrialization of the country.

  • During the Great Patriotic War of YY1941-1945 the plant supplied the front and rear with of the necessary cable products.

    The war changed the face of the plant, the rhythm of its work, the way of life of all the employees. During the first days of war more than 250 employees of Moskabel went to the front.

    Most of them worked until the last minute in the workshops and went to Military enlistment office directly from the workshops. Those who gone to war had been replaced by their wives and children.

  • On 3rd February Y1992 with the consent of "Minelectrotechprom" the agreement with the State Property Committee was signed about the redemption of the leased enterprise "Moskabel" with the possibility of a commission composed of employees of the plant, "Minelectrotechprom", the State Bank and local financial authorities to assess the value of the company on their own. The cost of property in the amount of 126.5 million rubles was fixed as charter capital.

    Becoming a joint stock company "Moskabelmet" took a firm course to increase profits, to improve the quality of all the work, creating wealth for the employees. All this was not easy to implement in a severe economic crisis in the country. It was necessary to use flexible tactics of actions in order to perform tasks and to keep the decline in production, which should have immediately follow due to the stop of many leading electrical and automotive industries.

  • In Y2002 the company began the process of allocation of production units into the independent legal entity being 100% owned by JSC "Moskabelmet", which currently performs the function of management of the enterprises of Group of Companies "Moskabelmet."

    Within 4 years large-scale restructuring of the company took place, the individual production departments were transformed into legally independent companies and Group of Companies "Moskabelmet" with more than 2,500 people was formed.

  • Today Group of Companies "Moskabelmet." is a modern enterprise, which is one of the largest Russian suppliers of a wide range of cable and wire products.

    One can evaluate competitiveness of Group of Companies "Moskabelmet" by the fact that the company's products are consistently in high demand, not only on domestic but also on the foreign markets.

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